#TestimonyTuesday #EntrepreneuHER


#TestimonyTuesday #EntrepreneuHER
Entrepreneurship... It seems easy...Doesn't it?..
In Today's Society, entrepreneurship requires being vulnerable. When I first started I was very uncomfortable with posting because it required me to engage with my audience and it was draining for me. Over years, I developed a wall of protection around me to protect myself, my feelings against humans that had an opinion. There was always an opinion about everything. I was super morbidly obese, I lost over 300lbs and was left with a ton of skin, excess skin. I was ok with that. I met my sons father and he assisted with opening a side of me that had a desire to live. I started to see myself having a future. Being more than a babysitter(I always had somebody child), more than what everybody else wanted me to be. It was at that moment I finally decided to LIVE! LIVE FOR ME and what made me happy or so I THOUGHT. I still wanted to be pleasing to God because I wouldn't have made it to that point without Him... But then I got pregnant. Had a wonderful pregnancy, damn near lost my life during delivery, BUT YET AGAIN, I MADE IT! Proving that God did not forget about me.. Then tragedy struck for me, at least what I thought was tragedy lol. My relationship, the relationship that opened me up, exposed me to what life was like was at risk. It was at that point that I asked myself.. was I really living?... I lost all this weight, had a baby, got cheated on, took him back, got sick and I was stuck in that season for 2 years. Nobody (Doctors) could figure out what was wrong... why can't she move (Oh it's just her weight)THEY WERE WRONG, I felt alone (lived in a house full of people and felt like I was slowly dying), I felt that God forgot about me (I had a baby, premarital sex). I thought am I being punished (everything was hard, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G). What was the point of exposing me to life, to then snatch it away (The family I felt I created). Now I'M sick.. what the hell! Well, I needed that, I needed all of that to happen. It was purpose mixed with decisions made. #ChronicIllness took over. MY #mentalhealth declined. Had that not happen how would I know that God is a healer (No Opinions Needed) How would I be able to identify with other individuals and give sound advice if asked to... August 18, 2017, a day I will never forget. It was on that day, I decided enough was enough. I stood up, dusted myself off, created a plan, and decided that living was not through anybody else but me. I went from living for my immediate family to living for a man to living for my son... I had to make a conscious decision to live for me... It's through living for me that I can then be of service to others. The road is not easy... there's years of mess I had to work through and still working daily. I've struggled much this year but through entrepreneurship, I have met individuals like me. Individuals that suffer with chronic illness, that believes mental health is important, that believe in me and encourages me to engage more. I was told people need to hear you. They need to hear you talk... They need to hear your story. Women and Men! A lot of pressure, but Im willing if it'll help another to push through every obstacle. This interview was dear to me because it was the first time I had identified with someone. @apyblog never met me before but she looked me in my eyes at the @tcfstyleexpo and said these things. Thank you for taking the time to feature me and @ApplesPeachesPears. Thank you for talking to me. Thank you for showing your vulnerability to the world. It is much appreciated. Please check out the interview. CLICK HERE I truly appreciate all the support. 🍎🍑🍐💕 #excuseanygrammaticalerrors #I'mnotproofreading #sorrynotsorry 

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